Small distances. Big benefits.

The shorter the delivery route, the better for the environment. This motto is part of HALBA’s guiding principles on sustainability. Whenever possible, HALBA sources its raw goods from neighbouring European countries. This also applies to 60–70 per cent of the chickpeas sourced by the company.

Sustainable farming in southern France.

The farm Bio Gascogne produces the majority of chickpeas used by HALBA. Their agricultural production facility is located in the heart of the Armagnac province. For over 20 years, the two owners have integrated ecological practices into their business. They grow exclusively organic crops on 1,600 hectares of land. Bio Gascogne even goes a step further and uses agroforestry methods on a portion of their land. Several rows of trees are grown on cultivated fields. In this way, Bio Gascogne improves biodiversity and land fertility as well as the water supply and plant health, while making a valuable contribution to climate protection. 

You can not have too much of a good thing.

Bio Gascogne’s approach is in line with HALBA’s sustainability principles. HALBA thus sources not only chickpeas from Bio Gascogne, but also hemp seeds, green lentils and flax seeds.