Innovation driven by an ongoing curiosity about new things.

HALBA’s progressive and innovative approach is evident at its production facility and headquarters in Pratteln, where climate-neutral products, the latest technology and competent employees set new standards. This allows HALBA to create the best conditions for implementing new ideas, processes and products. We’re certain that creative thinkers will also be the game changers of the future.


A variety of possibilities.

HALBA’s team enjoys experimenting with new products. Food trends such as sugar-free chocolate and vegan protein shakes inspire our employees to develop new and innovative products. This leads to new ideas that not only surprise, but impress through their appearance and ingredients and, above all, through their unique taste.


Innovative products and production.

Creativity goes far beyond product development. HALBA’s innovative and pioneering role is also visible in the field of sustainability. At its headquarters in Pratteln, HALBA has created the best conditions for climate-neutral production. Ninety-five per cent of all power consumption is derived from renewable sources. Furthermore, HALBA offsets all non-reducible emissions through reforestation as part of its sustainability projects in countries of origin.