Our words are followed by actions.

HALBA takes responsibility across the entire value chain from cultivation to consumption.
We do our best to ensure that no areas are deforested, degraded or converted for the cultivation of our raw materials. In order to manage the available land in an environmentally friendly and economical way, we focus on dynamic agroforestry. We also focus on social aspects and are committed to a living income for the small-scale farmers, which helps to prevent exploitative child labour. In addition to its projects in the countries of origin, HALBA ensures sustainable production at its headquarters in Pratteln. This includes producing and using renewable energy, avoiding unnecessary packaging and using more sustainable packaging materials.


The policies and action plans below show that our words are followed up by actions:

Agroforestry Policy and Action Plan 2023
Deforestation and Conversion Policy and Action Plan 2023
Climate Protection Policy and Action Plan 2023
Policy and Action Plan for the Protection of Children 2023
Procurement Policy 2023 
Packaging Policy 2023
Living Income and Wage Policy and Action Plan 2023

For the Coop Group, respecting, protecting and promoting human rights and protecting the environment are central values. For this reason, the Policy Statement on human rights and environmental protection was drawn up for the entire Coop Group, including HALBA.

Below you will find the Cocoa & Forests Initiative Progress Report:

CFI Narrative Report 2022