Apricot kernels – a sustainable alternative.

Apricot pits often land in the bin or on the compost heap. But inside the hard shell is an edible kernel that looks and tastes a bit like almonds. An Austrian start-up has recognized the potential of apricot kernels and has developed a method to make them edible. A sustainable project that avoids food waste by using the whole fruit by upcycling the apricot pits.
Apart from being sustainable, the kernels are also rich in unsaturated fatty acids and protein, which makes them an ideal snack or crunchy addition to muesli and salads.

At Coop, roasted apricot kernels, with their nutty, fruity taste, are available on their own or together with dried pieces of apricot. They are also used as a substitute for almonds in the Karma dried fruit and nut mixes.