New QR code: Find out more about the origin of Naturaplan cashews with just one click.

Where does the product I want to buy come from? Where was the product processed and how did it reach my home via the shop shelf?
With the new QR code on the Naturaplan cashew packaging, Coop and HALBA offer the opportunity to find out more about the cashews’ origins.

Did you know that more than half of the world's cashew harvest comes from Africa, but around 95% of African cashews are processed in Asia? The cashews are transported from West Africa to Asia by ship. There they are mechanically cracked and then sent to Europe for sale as ready-to-eat kernels. This means that not only is the opportunity for local value creation lost, but the environment is also polluted by longer transport routes and significantly higher CO2 emissions.

This is why Coop, together with HALBA, promotes value creation in the organic cashews’ country of origin. Coop only uses cashews which are grown and processed in the same country. In addition, Coop is investing in a modern processing plant in Burkina Faso with the highest social standards.
Directly transporting organic cashews from Burkina Faso to Europe avoids unnecessary transport routes and saves up to 80% of CO2e.

The organic and Fairtrade-certified cashews are therefore not only organically grown but also processed locally. In addition, the employees there benefit from social advantages and fair wages.

With helpful QR codes on its products, Coop wants to create transparency – from cultivation to consumption.