Green egg for sustainable chocolate: top marks for HALBA.

Can you imagine Easter without the chocolate? On no other holiday is so much chocolate purchased worldwide. So it is no surprise that chocolate consumption in Switzerland increases significantly during the Easter holidays: on average, we eat about 600 grams of chocolate per person – that is more than six bars.

Reason enough for 29 organizations like Mighty Earth, Be Slavery Free and Südwind Institut to take a closer look at the production conditions of the largest chocolate companies, with a focus on social and environmental aspects. The survey provides consumers with information about the conditions under which the chocolate they buy is produced, and indicates whether manufacturers respect sustainable cultivation methods and fair prices for farmers as well as support measures to prevent and fight against child labour.

HALBA received top marks in this survey and is thus the most sustainable Swiss chocolate manufacturer. This distinction is the result of HALBA's many years of commitment to sustainability, which includes pioneering sustainability projects and activities at the source. 

Further information on the Mighty Earth ranking.