Immediate financial aid following the landslide in Honduras.

In November 2020, the local community of Nueva Delhi in Honduras was severely affected by a landslide caused by heavy rainfall during tropical storms Eta and Iota. Many local families lost their homes, including 50 cacao-producing family farms from the Honduran San Fernando cooperative – one of HALBA’s partner cooperatives. Fundacion Chocolats Halba asked HALBA for support. HALBA took immediate action without any unnecessary bureaucracy.

Financial aid for basic services.

Families who lost their homes were housed in a communal shelter, which could not provide much more than a roof over their heads. The financial aid, which HALBA made available to those in need as quickly as possible, was invested in basic items. Sleeping mats and clothing for families, hygienic items such as soap, shampoo and toothpaste, and food were provided.