Switzerland's most sustainable chocolate manufacturer.

In Switzerland, not only is high-quality chocolate produced in large quantities, but it is also consumed in considerable amounts. During Easter alone, an average of about 600 grams per person is consumed, which equates to more than six bars of chocolate.

This is reason enough for various organizations such as Mighty Earth, Be Slavery Free and the Südwind Institute to take a closer look at the production conditions of the largest chocolate manufacturers. Criteria such as transparency and traceability, commitment to living incomes, measures to prevent and combat child labour, deforestation and climate impact, agroforestry and pesticide use are reviewed. This way, consumers gain insights into the conditions under which the purchased chocolate is produced.

HALBA ranks third in the global «Chocolate Scorecard» ranking and once again is Switzerland's most sustainable chocolate manufacturer.  This recognition is the result of HALBA's long-standing commitment to sustainability, characterized by pioneering projects and activities in the countries of origin.

Further information on the Chocolate Scorecard.