Exciting vegan novelties in the Christmas range.

Veganism is booming: in 2022, almost 1 per cent of the Swiss population followed a vegan diet. But even people who have not gone entirely vegan are replacing more and more animal products with plant-based ones, for a number of different reasons.
As a result, the demand for plant-based foods has increased in recent years, and the range is constantly expanding. Vegan chocolate products are no exception.

Dark chocolate is usually vegan, but pay attention to the declaration on the packaging. Milk chocolate is different. In this case, milk is added to the chocolate in the form of milk powder. In the vegan version, on the other hand, the milk is replaced by plant-based raw materials. "Vegan light" tastes very similar to regular milk chocolate. But since not all conventional milk chocolate tastes the same, it is definitely worth a try.

The Karma vegan range has launched exciting new chocolate products for the festive season. How about an avocado or a carrot as a tree ornament? The Karma "Choco Love" tree ornament is certainly a highlight on the Christmas tree, from both a visual and a culinary perspective. The "Noir Orange", "Sea Salt" or "Praliné" flavoured chocolate balls show how diverse vegan chocolate products can be. You are sure to find the perfect product for every taste.