Paper beats plastic.

The Naturaplan Honduras organic praline assortment is now packaged with an FSC-certified paper insert. This means that the new insert is made of wood from forests that are responsibly cultivated. It replaces the plastic blister pack previously used to package organic pralines. This change in packaging saves 400 kilogrammes of plastic annually. 


Commitment to plastic reduction.

Coop is dedicated to reducing plastic. By 2026, around 20 per cent of plastic used for packaging and disposable items will be saved, recyclable materials will be reused and material loss further reduced. HALBA is making an important contribution to this commitment as evidenced by its Naturaplan Honduras praline assortment. In fall 2021, the transparent film used for multipacks, which contain two to three single packages, will be replaced by adhesive labels that hold the packages together. Since 2020, an organic film made of cellulose is used to package chocolate bars.