The new Halba Easter selection has something for everyone.

Whether classic bunnies, a cute duckling or a sweet dinosaur – the varied Halba Easter selection has the right product for all tastes. In addition to popular articles such as the spotted bunnies and chocolate mini eggs with different fillings, this year, exciting new products will be on the shelves too: sweet dinosaurs Sammy and Zora will delight lots of children, while the new mini eggs with yoghurt and passion fruit filling will set off a taste explosion.


But it's not only the shapes and tastes that have developed; from this year, the Halba Easter selection will be completely free of palm oil. This means that other fat mixtures are used in the chocolate mass and fillings instead of palm oil. We are thus deliberately avoiding palm oil, which is grown in monocultures and constitutes a considerable sustainability risk as it supplants valuable forest eco-systems.