A good reputation and exquisite flavour.

Swiss products enjoy an excellent reputation. And, in our case, also an excellent taste. Outstanding quality, which is the hallmark of Swiss products, culminates in our chocolate.


Positively Swiss.

Switzerland has global appeal: breathtaking panoramic mountain views, precise clocks and, of course, enticing chocolate. Why does “Swissness” guarantee moments of sweet pleasure?


Making chocolate has become a Swiss tradition. The Swiss have very high expectations when it comes to the quality of Swiss products. It goes without saying that we use only the best cacao beans and raw goods for our chocolate. In addition to our great expertise and tailored cacao processing methods, our meticulous roasting technique, delicate refining process and perfected conching gives our mouth-watering chocolate its unmistakable Swiss appeal.


Quality made in Switzerland.

The Swiss know that small things can have a big impact. At HALBA, our sharp eye for detail is part of every stage of the manufacturing process, including roasting, refining, conching, moulding and packaging. Chocolates from HALBA are therefore exclusively produced in Switzerland.


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