There is a lot to do. So we are doing a lot.

Our projects start at the beginning of the value chain: with cacao farmers and their plants. This is where we can effectively contribute to improving the living conditions of family-run farms over the long term so that they have the incentive to continue growing high-quality cacao in the future. As part of our projects, which we implement with small-scale farmer cooperatives in various cacao-cultivating countries, we support first and foremost innovative cacao agroforestry systems, which increase biodiversity, productivity and the tree population in cacao-cultivating regions, as well as contribute to food security and increasing the incomes of participating farmers.

Projects like these must also consider social aspects. We therefore support our network of producers through collaboration with local partners and organisations to prevent abusive child labour practices and to promote women and youth. When selecting coaches, we ensure that equally qualified women receive priority. At the moment, more women than men work as lead farmers in our Sankofa project in Ghana. In Ecuador and Honduras, we give the sons and daughters of cacao farmers the opportunity to receive training as agricultural consultants or internal inspectors who verify the organic quality of crops.

And when it comes to our snacks and baking & cooking ingredients, we rely on European-sourced raw goods whenever possible.